YSU 3D Campus Map

YSU 3D Campus Map


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Welcome to the YSU 3D Campus Modeling Project. The aim of this project is to design an interactive 3D layout of campus for you to use. The YSU campus buildings and objects have been designed in 3D and you can access them in two ways: 1) You can download sections of campus in .kmz format, and open them using Google Earth for the full interactive experience – you can fly around campus, zoom in to your seat on the bleachers or find your dorm window. 2) Use the Interactive Map to click on a particular building to get information about that building, download that building in .kmz format, or watch a short video clip of the 3D model of that building. If this is your first time using this, check out the new user tutorial and make sure your computer meets the suggested minimum system requirements.


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YSU 3D Campus Modeling Team
Contact us at:  bashellito@ysu.edu

 The 3D Campus Team is headed up by Dr. Bradley A. Shellito, from the Department of Geography.  Team members who designed the 3D Campus are undergraduate and graduate students from YSU, and the buildings and objects you’re seeing in 3D are the result of their incredible skills and labor:  Rob Carter, Paul Crabtree, Jason Delisio, Sherif El Seuofi, Paul Gromen, Wook Rak Jung, Jeremy Mickler, Craig Strahler, Jaime Webber, Sean Welton, and Nate Wood.  Additional contributions to the model came from students in YSU’s 3D Modeling and GIS class:  Ginger Cartright, Nicole Eve, and Colin LaForme.

 Funding for the development of the project came from the YSU Office of the President, with very special thanks to Dr. David Sweet, YSU President, and Dr. Thomas Maraffa, Special Assistant to the President.  Additional funding for the project came from the YSU Graduate School.